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Dr. Dominique Hervé

Dr. Dominique Hervé

Dominique Hervé did his hospital training in Paris then worked in the department of Neurology at Lariboisière Hospital. During this period, he concentrated on treatment at the acute phase of cerebrovascular disease.

Since November 2006, Dominique Hervé has been working full-time at the Neuro-Sensory Head and Neck Centre at Lariboisière. Within the Department of Neurology, he is responsible for the reference centre for rare vascular diseases of the brain and eye (CERVCO, CEntre de Référence des maladies Vasculaires rares du Cerveau et de l’Oeil). His job is to set up and develop this reference centre. Within CERVCO, its clinical and research activities focus mainly on the moyamoya angiopathy and the inherited cerebral small vessel diseases (CADASIL and other genetic vascular leukoencephalopathies). He is also specifically in charge of patients with familial cerebral cavernous malformation and familial form of cerebral aneurysms.