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Professor Pascale Massin

Professor Pascale Massin

Pascale Massin, who did her hospital training in Paris is an Ophthalmologist, Professor at the Paris 7 University of Medicine and, since 1996, a Senior Registrar in the Neuro-Sensory Head and Neck Unit at Lariboisière. She specialises in the medical and surgical treatment for diseases of the retina, in particular the ocular complicationsof diabetes. Within CERVCO, she will be responsible for several types of disease:

  1. patients suffering from hereditary cerebro-retinal vasculopathies, with or without associated arteriolar retinal tortuosity, a condition whose clinical, radiological and genetic aspects she has helped to define;
  2. Von-Hippel-Lindau disease and other hereditary retinal vascular diseases.

She also has extensive experience in clinical research and she has had an INSERM interface contract since 2003 for clinical research into diabetic retinopathy. She has published more than 70 articles, chapters in books and summaries on various areas of research into retinal disease, particularly on diabetic retinopathy.