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Sonia Reyes

Sonia Reyes

Sonia Reyes is a Psychologist. She began work in Professor Bousser's Neurology Unit at Lariboisière Hospital and, at the same time, at the Centre of Neuropsychology and Language directed by Professor Bruno Dubois at the Salpêtrière Hospital. She has built up particular expertise in screening for the cognitive impairment associated with neurodegenerative and vascular brain diseases. She is currently working as a Psychologist within the Neuro-Sensory Head and Neck Unit at the Lariboisière-Fernand Widal Group Hospital where she is responsible for the neuropsychological assessment of patients. She also provides patients and their families with psychological treatment.

Within CERVCO, she carries out neuropsychological assessments of patients and provides follow-up and psychological support for patients and their families. She takes part in presymptomatic genetic consultations. Lastly, she is currently involved in clinical research into cognitive disorders resulting from rare neuro-vascular diseases.